The Toons Swim Team

Where we swim.



    Joey Dunlop Leisure Centre
    33 Garryduff Road
    BT53 7DB
    Tel No: 028 2766 0260


Club Entry

Entry to the BASC Swimming Club TBA

Membership application forms are available online now..see link below..and also by emailing The completed forms can be returned via email.

Membership registration is now closed until further notice.

The child must be 4 years of age at entry date and meet the selection criteria. Children may be accepted later in the year once they reach their 4th birthday.

Once the existing members re-apply in June, we will then know what places are available and in which session. Applicants with swimming experience will be asked to attend for an assessment in June. The children are then allocated a session according to the available spaces and ability. These children will be notified for commencement September/October.

Unsuccessful applicants remain on a waiting list and the existing swimmers are continually re-assessed throughout the year. If spaces become available the applicant will be notified. A new waiting list is compiled each year in June and you have to reapply each year. Admission to the club is agreed by the committee to ensure fairness.


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